New Vogue Knitting -- huh?

Well, maybe it’s just me, but I’m so disappointed in this issue of Vogue. There’s one thing – one – that I’m interested in knitting in the whole darned magazine. (The one of the front cover). The rest of it? Just doesn’t do anything for me. And the 25th Anniversary Issue was a big letdown, too.

I expected better, Vogue. Good thing there are lots of good online places to find patterns and inspiration!

I let my Vogue lapse. I love Interweave Knits, though.

If i can find yarn for a good enough price, i’m going to do the aran dress #36 but i do agree - sort of a letdown.

I have pattern books going back(OMG) 40 years. I started buying them in the early 70’s from Woolworths when I was a teenager. I probably have over a hundred patterns I would like to do. I finally had to quit buying pattern books, then found a book on how to design your own sweaters and knit in the round. I love it and have made 2 sweaters so far.

What’s driving me absolutely bonkers is that their website is down! Apparently this is NOT due to “technical difficulties”, but rather that there is some legal issue over their domain name/URL address stuff. I had ordered something from the site, it was wrong, and now I can’t do anything about it until I have access to it again. AND there is no phone number available accept for their advertizing dept. and the person who answered the phone said she is innundated with calls because it’s the only number anyone can find. Sorry for the rant:wall::hair::slight_smile:

I am glad I wasnt the only one who was dissapointed. Interweave knits made up with their selection:inlove:

I have considered letting my Vogue subscription lapse. I have rarely found patterns I would consider knitting except for the Very Easy Very Vogue ones. For the most part while I may like a pattern very much, I keep thinking “Do I really have that kind of time to invest in such a fussy pattern?”

Then there are those models! Where on earth do they come up with women who look like that? I think most of them are pretty frightening.

But then there are great articles, especially Meg Swanson’s column and I don’t want to give that up just yet.

So while I may not be wowed by the patterns, I may not be ready to unsubscribe just yet.

I agree with the rest, IK rocks!

i want to subscribe to vk magazine (i am in turkey) but their site is down since …how many weeks?!

I found this that might help.

Here’s all the patterns from the covers!

I can’t speak for their patterns though…I get Interweave Knits.

Well, I guess I’m in the minority! I thought their patterns were great! I love, love, love that little silver sweater with the empire type waist and am planning on making that. I also love that charcoal shawl with the opening for the hands.
I guess for some of you seasoned knitters maybe these patterns just don’t measure up? I know that at this point in time I am 100% knit crazy, and absolutely loving it!
Maybe you could write in to Vogue and ask them for the types of patterns you’ld be interested in? I can empathize with you though, as there have been some knit mags I’ve picked up and even in my state of knitecstasy, I couldn’t find anything I liked!

I was dissappointed as well.:sad::sad: I like the magazine for the most part, but I do agree with the models…where do they comer from!

I’m with you. I absolutely LOVED this issue!! I’ve knitted things from the last 3 issues. and have had fabulous reactions to them. this issue has so many patterns that i want to knit. i don’t know which one to start first. I just wish their website was back up. I wanted to give vogueknitting as a gift subscription to my secretary.

emsya-- when I called (see my previous post), the woman said “as soon as possible”-- and that was 2 months ago. Grrrrr. If you go to the, they just give you a brief apology and say they’ll be back up ASAP and some links for patterns. But nothing else-- no subscription help, so shopping help, nada.