New Video

I’d just like to tell people I have a new video on my blog and would love some feedback.

Hope you like it. :muah:

That’s a great tutorial! Thanks for doing those. I’ve been looking for a good way to learn tatting, and all the other resources I’ve found have been fantastically confusing. With the help of your videos I may just build up the confidence to try it. :happydance:

Keep up the great work!

You make it look so easy! :shock:

Great job! :cheering:

Tatting is such a beautiful craft! Thank you for such lovely instructional videos! :yay:

I love the bookmark you made for your husband! The colors are gorgeous!

(I also peeked at your other You Tube videos… The one with the kitten drinking from the bottle is so cute! I remember when my cat was that small - we found him when he was only 5 weeks old - and we had to bottle feed him! He’s now 3 yrs old and big 20 lbs! :shock:)

That bookmark is stunning, Nobones!

And I thought your video was quite clear - even without seeing all of lesson 1, I could get a grip on what you were doing. I might even try it … that is once I work through some of this yarn.:teehee:

Doesn’t she just?

I’d heard of Tatting but never really got round to finding out what it was until now.

Those videos are absolutely brilliant - they made it so easy to follow. Could you tell me, please, [COLOR=Magenta][B]Where [/B][/COLOR]I’d be able to buy the shuttles?

All the Best

I never heard of tatting before (in swedish it’s called “frivolitet”) but it looks so wonderful!
I’m rather interested in most crafts but I never got around to learning how to make lace since the only way I knew to make it was with one of those big pillows and lots of bobbins :eyes:, and quite frankly I neither have money nor space for that… but tatting actually looks doable, especially with the help of your videos!! :cheering:

I’m sure I’ve seen shuttles in my 'l’ys in Ormskirk. So maybe try yours? Hobbycraft might sell them too.

I’m thrilled you like my video. Tatting IS easy once you get the hang of it.

You can get shuttles in Hobby craft, they are a bit pricey though.

Limey I’ve pm you so see what you think!

It seems tatting has died out in Sweden… I went out trying to find a shuttle, then I googled it trying to find a store that sold them, seems tatting isn’t all that popular here. Well, I amn’t one for giving up so I made a shuttle in cardboard. Yeah it sounds horrid, and it does look rather ugly and I’m sure a real one is better… but it did work! I mananged to do a ring with it! So now I’ve made one in cardboard that’s a bit sturdier and have bought some crocheting yarn and will try this out more thoroughly…:woohoo:

That’s great! I know a lot of people who make their own, so well done.

Are you an Ebay user? You can shuttles and thread on there and the have some fantastic deals. Just type in ‘tatting’ in the Ebay search.

Good luck with the tatting, send me pictures!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Nobones-[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Thank you so much! :cheering: I just shared your site with a friend who works in the next office. We were just talking about trying tatting! The videos are great–and we both love :heart: listening to you talk… the accent is wonderful to hear. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]anne[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]sebago, me[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[COLOR=black]Oh that is so cool!! My dad just ask me this weekend if I knew how to do tatting. I told him it was on my list of things to learn. My gramma used to put tatting on pillowcases, handkerchiefs, etc.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]DD12 and I learn something new every year 2004-piano, 2005-knitting, 2006-crocheting, 2007-socks, maybe 2008-tatting?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]My LYS has classes on tatting and I’m pretty sure she still has supplies. [COLOR=black]I saved your website and I sure appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in sharing your talent.:cheering::cheering::notworthy::yay::yay:[/COLOR][/COLOR]

Great job. Now I want to learn! But it will have to wait. Just learned how to knit. And I have to learn how to crochet so I can finish a blanket I’m working on. Thanks again for the videos.

Thanks for the suggestion… but… well I think e-bay seems kinda scary, ordering things from people who you don’t know wether they are honest or not, and then it’d probably become a small fortune just from shipping the shuttle…
Well, a friend of mine who lives in india did say he’d try to find me one though, seems tatting is still alive there.

Well I do have a question, when you make a ring, or a loop, you pull in the end of the thread that isn’t attatched to the shuttle, you pull in the “tail”, not? Then if you’d like to make two rings together, without having a big distance in between, how would you do that?

If you can wait I’ll be covering that on the weekend.

But it’s the shuttle thread you pull to make the stitch not the ball thread.

Something that will be handy for tatting is a fine crochet hook, one of the smallest if possible. I’ll show you why on the weekend!

Then I must be doing something wrong, because if I pull the shuttle thread it only tighten up the last stitch so much that it can’t move at all, and the only way to make my rings close is by pulling the ball thread… any idea of what I’m doing wrong?


I figured out what I do wrong, the yarn is to make a noise and the shuttle thread is to go under, kinda, and then the stitch is done… seems I didn’t complete my stitches…
For now it takes forever to do the stitches right, but I guess it will become easier with time.

Hi Cia,

I am in Finland. I have several tatting shuttles I got from
the U.S. several years ago. They are just simple Boye
metal tatting shuttles like this. I would be happy to send you one as
I have some going spare. No charge :slight_smile: I doubt shipping a
small object like this from Finland to Sweden would cost
very much. You can pm me your address if you want it.

[COLOR=“Green”][I]I have been learning Cro tat…I have an old shuttle from my mother a long time ago…looked at tatted books and just couldn’t get it…but your video helps so much… thanks for making it…I will have to find that shuttle now and give it a try…[/I][/COLOR]

I’m thrilled it has helped some people pick up shuttles and give it a try.

Thank you for all the nice comments.