New Video: Mastering Tension

I just put up a new video from Amy on the site. It deals with the topic of tension and offers tips on keeping your knitting even and consistent. I know this is a topic that comes up from time to time in the forum so I thought I would share the video here.


I also find a nice glass of Shiraz helps with tension, too …

Excellent video, Amy and Sheldon! :thumbsup:

That’s a great addition to the videos!

Thanks for posting this video. So very helpful!

Thanks, great info

That looks really useful, I’ll be having a good look at this when I get home. My tension is really even, but it’s just so incredibly tight all the time. But at least it’s consistent! :happydance:

To loosen up, look at how you knit. If you pull the yarn after each stitch, stop doing that. Working the next stitch will tighten the previous one. Or you may have the yarn wrapped too many times. Once on one finger is enough.

I do tend to pull the stitches tight. I’m knitting socks in the round and pull the first couple of stitches tight after each needle change to try and avoid laddering, I tend to continue pulling the stitches for some reason, but don’t realise it until I get half way through the row and wonder why I can’t push the knitted stitches down the needle anymore!