New Updates to the Forum

Sheldon spent several hours last night installing some important updates. Thanks Sheldon!! :heart:

:arrow: Maximum image size. Attached images now must be 500 pixels wide or less. The height is more generous, at 1000 pixels max. I believe if you try to post an image bigger than this, that it will rejected. This will save a lot of work for our moderators, who spend a lot of time resizing pictures. Special thanks to Silver who I think has re-sized more images than any of us! I haven’t tested this size restriction feature yet, let me know if there are any problems. Large images that are “linked” in are not yet restricted, but may be at some point.

:arrow: Sheldon’s made it impossible for automated forum sign-up by spamming websites, so we should see few if any new “members” signing up just for the sake of putting in spamming website links in their profile. Most of these sign ups were done automatically by computers, and that is now impossible. Sheldon also deleted over 200 of these fake members from our ranks. Since some of their websites were truly horrifying and inappropriate to this site, we’re very glad to see them gone!

:cheering: Thanks Sheldon for these updates! If there are any new problems that pop up because of these changes, let me know!

Thanks a million to BOTH of you! I know I have been quite absent lately - but that doesn’t mean I :heart: :heart: you both or KH any less!!!

Thanks! Those sites gave me the creeps!

Thanks so much Sheldon! I know how time consuming running something like this is. And how annoying all those ‘little’ modifications - that take forevvverrrrr - can be.

All the time ya’ll have put into this site, to make it such a neat place for us lowly knitters, is greatly appreciated :mrgreen:

:smiley: Thanks so much Sheldon & Amy…u both r wonderful :thumbsup:

Many thanks to Sheldon and Amy for all their hard work! :cheering:

mwuah Big smooches! LOL

Does this mean we’ll need to knit an afghan for Sheldon? :thinking: :wink:

Thanks Sheldon and Amy!! You both are great!! :cheering:

Kudos, Amy and Sheldon!

A side note to folks who want free software for altering photos… try downloading GIMP. With it you can crop/resize photos to any forum’s pixel standard, add special effects, you name it. It’s a virtual toybox for avatar and sig banner design.

Plus, if you get confused with it, there is a great help file, and I’m usually around to lend a hand via PM.

Wow…did I miss an announcement? look at all them there mods we have now! :wink:

Yes Yes! Boy Brenda, you’re fast!

[size=6][color=red] ATTENTION EVERYONE, WE NOW HAVE MORE MODERATORS![/color][/size]


[color=blue]WELCOME to our new mods!..[/color]

:cheering: :balloons:

Also, another exciting event is that KellyK is now an Administrator, with more back-end abilities.

:balloons: Congrats ladies!! :balloons:[color=blue][/color]

Congratulations everyone!!!11111 :cheering: :cheering:


Our intention was to provide a bit more moderator coverage so that members who might PM one of us about an issue can get a quicker response.

SO, if you have questions that arent being answered on the Boards, or if you have technical questions, or if you just wanna say, “Hi Mod!” feel free to PM any one of us!

Wait a minute. Im not sure I like the sound of that, Amy! :??

Congratulations everyone! :smiley: :cheering:

Wait a minute. Im not sure I like the sound of that, Amy! :??[/quote]

I’ve been biting my tongue here after I read that. Glad YOU noticed! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah! I knew you had access to more of the site, but what are these new back end abilities about which we speak? :thinking: :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I don’t want an admin with those kinds of abilities… :oo:

Congrats ladies! :happydance:

As for the back-end abilities…keep them away! :roflhard:

Congrats ladies!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I don’t want an admin with those kinds of abilities… :oo:[/quote]

:roflhard: :rofling: I must agree…makes you go hmmmmm…wonder what kind of board KK is going to turn this into :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

Okay, okay…I’m kidding…CONGRATS everyone :cheering: :cheering: