New toys and hat

New cousin Hannah gets the bunny blanket and blocks…(which are sort of “rounds” as the foam is in pieces and not keeping square, but still soft and playable)…Grand daughter Yaeli gets the hat with bees and flowers.

The pattern for the “bunny blanket buddy” is from Lion Brand, (pattern #50722) as is the hat pattern. One size fits all. The buttons are my creative touch!
These go with sweater I made recently. Will post it too if I can.

The blocks were in a pattern book…called Knitting for Baby

I used left over yarn for the blocks.
The hat is Magic Stripe yarn.
The blanket is “good yarn” called Big Baby by “My”

“Bee Happy!” - :rofling: - love it!

Cute toys :smiley:

They are all adorable - great job!

Very cute! I especially love the hat and the bunny blanket – those are just adorable!!

:smiley: All are adorable, I just love the bees on the hat :smiley:

Oh, I love that bunny! You did a great job on his, er maybe her face! And the blocks are so neat!

Thank you all for your sweet words and compliments for my work/play/fun knitting. I do love doing it.

Now I am starting a sweater jacket with hood for my grandson. Got it out of a book called “The Yarn Girls’ guide to Kid Knits Patterns for babies and toddlers” by Julie Carles and Jordana jacobs. Great photos and easy good looking patterns. Great instructions too. I am a beginner knitter so this is helpful. :XX:

How cute! Great job on everything! :thumbsup:

oh wow…all of that stuff is sooooooooo cute!


They are all gorgeous and you have made a good range of things even though you say you are a beginner. Well-done. :thumbsup:

thanks again…I am a beginner. I started knitting (self taught) this year.
proof that ANY ONE can learn to knit.
the blocks are a little bumpy after washing…and it’s because I cut up the foam in sections rather than one solid block. I figure baby won’t mind…but not as cute as they could have been. (I’m not a perfectionist). I’m sending them off anyway! :lol:
Can’t wait to give my grand daughter the bee hat today. I’ll post a photo tonight if she’ll keep it on long enough! Twin brother has his with airplanes, cars and trains to go with his car/truck sweater. There are such adorable buttons out there today!

Anyone have any good tips for learning to knit motifs? I have several books but am having trouble joining the yarn/new colors without leaving holes and making a mess on the reverse side of the garment. Is there a video for this perhaps?