New to Yahoo Messenger

I just signed up to yahoo messenger.
If anyone wants to chat.
You can reach me :
Please put KH some where in the message so I know who it is.

Laura C

What part of the country are you in so we know what timezone?

I live in eastern standard time.
Ontario Canada.

laughs I’m on like 6 different messangers… :slight_smile: I have lots of contacts… but don’t chat much… I’ll throw ya in there tho :slight_smile:

So how different is eastern time compared to pacific time. If it is 12 oclock there what time is it here? Also do you leave yours on all the time? I forget to turn it on most times.

[color=darkblue]Pacific is 3 hours behind Eastern.
12 noon pacific would be:
1 pm mountain
2 pm central
3 pm eastern
8 pm in the UK and most of western Europe,

Thank you very much. Even though I have taught timezones 3 times they don’t seem to stick in my head. Emeraldcutie what time your time is good to catch you? My instant messenger is in my profile if you want to try iming me. I will try to remember to turn it on. Isn’t there a way to just get messages from who you want to and not everyone else? That’s why I started turning it off.

I’ll throw you on my Y! Messenger too… like Dave, I have all three going.

[size=1](I’m using a web messenger at this job too…)[/size]

I’m always signed in to yahoo {} and msn {}. I also play trivia on IRC {nicole-the-dork on sorcerynet}.

nicole the geek was taken there, huh?

I’m on Yahoo too! I’ll add ya.

No actually it wasn’t! I used to be on IRC eons ago but hadn’t used it in about 4 or 5 years, and when a friend of mine and I were looking for a place to host a chatroom for our local FLYgroup – since Yahoo’s chat rooms SUCK! – I had to relearn all the stuff I used to know about running a channel. Well instead of being the geek that I was used to being, I felt like a real dork! So I changed my nick! Then I started playing trivia on that server, and the dork nick stuck! LOL

Cool story Nicole. I always like hearing how people come up with their nicknames. It’s kinda like getting a little inside their heads to see what they come up with…

Might make an interesting thread.