New to this site, new to knitting

I’m a complete novice, but managed to complete a chunky knit jumper with a lot of help from a seasoned knitter.
Now starting my second one and stuck on the instructions, Help please,
It reads p4[6,5,10,13,15]p2tog(p6[6,8,22,20,20]p2tog)3[3,3,1,1,1]times p4[6,5,10,13,15]
30 [34,38,44,48,52]sts
Now I have 42 stitches and should end up with 38 for my size so… Can anyone simplify for me I am confused with the different brackets ie )and].
Carolyn frustrated newbie x

The different numbers are the numbers for each size. If you’re knitting the very smallest size, your numbers are the first ones in each set.

So let’s say, the sizes for the pattern are sizes 32, [34, 36, 38, 40, 42]

If someone is knitting size 40, her numbers are the 4th inside the brackets, as follows:
P13, P2tog, (P20, P2tog)x1, P13.

There are a lot of numbers in the pattern writing…but what will help you is to highlight the numbers that are YOUR NUMBERS for the size you’re knitting.

You didn’t mention the size you’re knitting…so I used an example that size 40 is represented by the 4th numbers inside the brackets and parentheses.

If you have 42sts now and you end with 38, the instructions should be: p5, p2tog (p8, p2tog)3times, p5.
ArtLady’s advice is invaluable and will save much puzzling over the correct numbers for your size.