New to the world of knitting

Hi. My name is Chrisitna. Denise told me about knitting then she gave me an AWSOME hat for my birthday that she made for me and suddenly it became something very inertresting…and now here I am with needles and yarn and having a blast knitting a scarf for my aunt for Christmas!!! This site is so cool. Thank you for the video about casting on, because the night after I first learned how I forgot and just went to the video and it hit me!!! Can’t wait to chat with everyone!!!

Oh my…Denise will be so happy you finally posted! Everyone was convinced that you were her imaginary friend :roflhard:

This site is a great resource as you learn!

:waving: welcome!!
I agree that Denise will probably be happy: people were having a ball teasing her about her “imaginary” friend :lol:

Other than that: welcome aboard; there is tons of great advice and knowledge available on these boards and aren’t the video’s the best!! :thumbsup:
Enjoy your stay!


WOW! FINALLY! :rollseyes:

Welcome, bacmiddy! :waving:

Although, Deni STILL could have signed up for an account under a different name… :thinking: Im still SUSPICIOUS. Im squinting a little and looking at the screen out of the corner of my eye because there is no "suspicious: emoticon! :expressionless:

Thanks for the welcome and yes Denise has been riding my butt about not posting because of the imaginary friend deal going on. :wink: I am so glad I found something to do that is both constructive and inventive :x: I have to admitt I love to knit!!

Well, I think Denise deserves a Nobel prize for her development of techniques to teach cats English, let alone how to type! :roflhard:

Welcome, bacmiddy. We love Denise. I’m sure you’ll be just as much fun.

Is there something WRONG with imaginary friends??? :shock:

I’ll deal with you later, Kelly!

Is there something WRONG with imaginary friends??? :shock:[/quote]

Of course, not :blush: ! Since all the others were giving you such $%%&#*, I just wanted her to know she was a litle late in coming :slight_smile:

I am SO sorry I got Denise in such deep doo-doo :frowning: It is all my lazy fault for not posting earlier. Well that and I am a bit dumb when it comes to understanding this forum stuff. :blush: But I don’t think there is anything wrong with imaginary friends I still have a few myself :wink:

Keep on knitting on!! :x:

Is there something WRONG with imaginary friends??? :shock:[/quote]
Depends… are you on or off medication???

Is there something WRONG with imaginary friends??? :shock:[/quote]
Depends… are you on or off medication???[/quote]

Does that make a difference?

Shall I introduce bacmiddy to Mr. Winky, Denise?? :twisted:

no, we do NOT want to see “mr. winky” nor be introduced to him. really. besides all of our other “misters” might get jealous… or develop a superiority complex.

LOL… Chris has a Mr. Winky of her own that I’m sure she’s happy with.

Thanks for the save, Hildie!!!


Yes, off is ok. On needs you need to up to dosage.

[color=darkblue]Yes my winky can be enough to deal with thank you!!! :smiley: It is as nice thought wanting to share. ;)[/color]


He’s a SOCK PUPPET, fer cryin out loud!!! :rollseyes:

SHAME! SHAME on ALL of you!! :fingerwag:

[color=darkblue] :blush: OPPPS! A sock puppet! Did you knit Mister Winky?! [/color]

What are you talking about KK!!! I knew what you meant! Some people around here just have to find an innuendo in everything. :rollseyes: