New to the website


Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Christianne and I live in Northern California (near San Francisco). I’ve been knitting/crocheting since September 2005. I started with crochet and learned the basics and then moved onto knitting. While I enjoy both, I seem to be more drawn to knitting.

This looks like a wonderful website!


:waving: Welcome, Christianne !! I know u will enjoy the forum, we have a great group of people!! Looking forward to getting to know you :smiley:

:waving: Welcome!!!

You’ve come to the right place! I’ve only been knitting about 6 months or so and this site has been a wealth of information! You can get tips on how to do stuff, what yarn to get, project ideas…almost anything knitting related and some stuff that isn’t. But be warned, it’s addictive! :cheering:

I just signed up today too! My Mother taught me to crochet and knit when I was 8 (44 years ago!). I have done both off and on, but have enjoyed and done more with crochet. The last time I knit was 20 years ago! but I’m at it again!

Hi and welcome!! :waving:

I also live in northern Cali. (East Bay) and started knitting in Sept. of 2005!!

It really is a great website! So glad you found it :slight_smile:

:waving: welcome to the forum :cheering:

welcome, what a beautiful name you have! :slight_smile:

:waving: welcome! I’ve only recently found this place too! It has to be the best knitting site out there. The people are great, the tips are top and there is plenty of fun here too!