New to the site and new knitter


I just found this web site and saw that it had a forum and chat area. This web site is awesome. I was on the internet looking for instructions on the “lifted Increase” and found this site in my search. The videos on this site are great. I can’t wait to practice some of the techniques that I have viewed. I didn’t find a video on the “lifted increase” but I found so much more. I am looking forward to participating in this forum.

Welcome… from one knitter to another (New knitter that is)

This site is great!! Welcome aboard

Hello and welcome to the site and to knitting!

Hi! I just started knitting in Feb and love it :heart: !!

I know you’re going to enjoy this forum–lots of friendly knitters. :thumbsup:

Welcome to the forum!

I found my way here through the videos as well, and here I stay! It’s a great forum with a lot of great people on it. You’ll love it!