New to the knitting world

Hello Everyone! I am currently knitting scarves for my office ladies 12 so far. I taught myself and really enjoy it so far. I am almost ready to try a new project. Ladybug0821, Julie:knitting: :knitting:

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Scarves are great to knit no matter what your skill level is, who can’t use a new scarf every winter?

I found it easiest, and timely, to start by knitting a baby sweater.

Have fun!

Welcome to KH! You are really nice to knit them all scarves, I would love to see them :happydance:

Hi and welcome to KH! Can you post pics of your scarves? We’d love to see them!

Welcome! I am teaching a dear friend to knit. She is picking up a lot of great yarn at the Goodwill. She purchased a US15 needle…and also US17’s…and using plain ole garter stitch with a huge needle makes a very lace-like appearance! Her beautiful yarns display so nicely with garter stitch on either US15 or US17.

Yes, she is also picking up gobs of straight needles at the Goodwill for super cheap pricing! Great for a new knitter on a fixed income!

Happy knitting to you, and welcome to the wonderful work of KNITTING!