New to the group/site

just wanted to say Hi to all of the knitters out there. I am new to this group and I found that the site really helped me out on my knitting. I do have a question which I seem not to get a good enough answer for.
When I am making a scarve, and I want to change colors, I don’t want to cut everytime that I change the color but I want to bring it up the side, how can I do that, I have looked in books after books and I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I have ask alot of people that I know whom knit but they all cut theirs off.
I hope that some nice happy knitter person will be able to help me out here. If there is a site that I can go to please let me know.
I really need the help with this because I would like to make different color scarves for the homeless.
sue from WI

Hi Sue, and welcome! The best way to carry yarn up the side of the scarf is to leave the ball attached. Then pick up and knit with the new color. After two rows, bring the old color up and twist it with the new color, then keep knitting with the new color, twisting at the end with the old color every two rows. Then when you’re ready to knit with the old color again, it will be there, ready and waiting. :slight_smile:

:waving: hello and welcome =D

Hi Sue. Welcome to KH.

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Welcome to this awesome forum Sue!

:smiley: Welcome Sue :smiley:

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thanks to all of you for welcoming me to the group. I look forward to seeing all of the talent out there.
sue from WI

Hello and welcome, Sue! :waving:

welcome to KH sue!