New to the group and question

hi, my name is gary and i live near New Orleans, Louisiana. I took up knitting b/c one of my friends said it was kinda helpful with dealing with everything going on. using knitting as theropy, let me know if any is interested in that. anyway, i have been knitting for less than a year and really enjoy it. im naturally a very hyper person and knitting really gives me a way to expend some energy. :)~ i love figuring out patterns and fiddleing with them till i get them right.
now my question. i am making a bag to carry my knitting with me every where i go. I knit it in regular garter knit, but used plastic shopping bags instead of yarn. I am almost finished the gusset and am dreading sewing it up b/c not only do i HATE to sew, but im not very good at it. i was thinking that instead of sew them with a neddle, i could connect them with a crochet hook. i am thinking that i saw this somewhere, but can’t find out where. does anyone know how to do this and could help me out. i would so so greatful
also, if there are any knitters around chalmette or new orleans, let me know. :)~

well i don’t have an answer for you but i believe you are right, that you can do it with a crochet hook…seems like i have heard that too.

but i did want to welcome you and give you a big ol’ {{{{{{{{{gary}}}}}}}}}}} for all you have been going through in the last year!

:smiley: I wanted to welcome you, too, Gary :waving: I hope you enjoy the forum! I’ve never crochet seams together, but I did find this bit of info on seaming; if u scroll down the page u will find some information on seaming :smiley:

On this page, there are techniques for crochet seaming, several different options:

HI Gary!!

Ya, you can seam closed…that is actually my preference…:slight_smile: if you make a mistake, just take out the stitch you don’t like, and start again…(and again, and again…lol…)

I think you should put the edges in the “FoodSaver” :slight_smile:

Debbie that isssssssssss funny

Welcome gary!!! You’ll love it here! I use knitting as therapy too! I’ve had problems with anxiety recently and knitting has really helped me avoid medications.

:waving: Hey Gary and welcome to the forum!!!

:waving: Hello Gary and welcome! Have you ever crocheted? I have closed seams on a poncho with crochet, and it was very easy. Lay the two pieces you want to join together (as if you were going to sew them). Insert your crochet needle through the outside edge loops of piece one and then through the outside loops on piece two, yarn over the crochet hook and pull the yarn through both pieces, insert into next edge loops and continue. This does produce a bit of a seam, and you may want to experiment if you want this to show on the outside of the bag or on the inside (i.e. putting right sides together, seaming and turning right side out, or putting wrong sides together, seaming and being finished as is.)

I hope that made sense!