New to the Forum

Hello, All. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself since I just recently joined this forum.
I am new to knitting–in fact, I just started in February 2012. I completed my first project, a scarf for my husband, in mid-March. I have now started a new project, a cable scarf. This one is definitely more challenging than the first project, but I am happy to say that it is coming along nicely thus far…
Anyway, I am very excited to have found this forum! I know I will have questions and need tips and pointers along the way. I look forward to learning with forum friends and passing along any of my tips and knowledge that I acquire along the way!

Thank you,

Hi and welcome to KH. There is so much help here, you should be able to complete any project you want; just ask for advice and someone(s) will come to your rescue. Have fun knitting.

Welcome to Knitting Help, Cricket! :yay:

Being a novice @ Knitting I am “lost” on what to do with the last Loop after binding off. There is not another Knit loop to Loop over & there is (1) loop left On the Knitting needle! what to Do? I really desired to mail this to the east coast for My cousin but looks Like it will have to get there after Christmas :frowning: Can Someone tell me, please? Thank U

In Demo of a Small Project, Amy shows how to finish your bind off.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help. The video that GG recommended is a good one and here’s also a tutorial that shows you a couple of ways to deal with that last loop. Sounds like a lovely gift for your cousin, even if it doesn’t arrive Christmas morning.

You’ve finished your bind off when you have one stitch left on the RH needle, so all that’s left is to pull the loop out a bit, cut the yarn and weave in the end. (Yay!) I like to pull it out about 3 or 4 inches and then cut at the top end of the loop so I have a good sized “tail” to work with when weaving in the end.

The video GG linked to has a neat trick for getting rid of the bump at the end, but if you’ve already bound off your last stitch, you might find it troublesome to go back and do that. But no worries, it’s not a “requirement”.

Congratulations! You’re done! :cheering:

There’s much more to than just the forum. There’s a WEALTH of helpful information here, and the forum is only part of it. that said, knitting techniques are what you call “artisan knowledge” – that which is most effectively passed on from person to person. Books and videos are helpful, but when those don’t give you an answer you understand this is the place to be!

So welcome from a fellow Tar Heel!

Welcome, Cricket! :muah: Joining a forum is not only a great way to acquire knowledge/skills in a hurry but also a great way to get inspired. I’ve been knitting for a long time, but the forums are like knitting on steroids; I’m experimenting, modifying, and designing far more than when I was just knitting on my own.

Hello and welcome…Hope you are having fun with your
projects!! Keep on asking questions and get help if you
want it!