New to the craft

Hello everyone! I recieved a used Passap E6000 knitting machine for Christmas and I have never used a knitting machine before. It came broken down and my husband and I have struggled to try to put it together. It came with attachments as well, which we are not sure how to attach. I was hoping someone might have some hints, clues, advice, information, ect on this machine. It came with two instruction booklets, neither explain how to put the machine together. It also came with videos which also do not tell you how to put it together. I would appreciate any resources that someone could provide. Thank you all!

That sounds like Puzz 3D on steroids. Mostly we knit by hand with needles but there is at least one poster who uses a knitting machine, if you’re patient you might get some help.

I’ve never seen or used a knitting machine, but have you tried YouTube? You can get all kinds of information from there.