New to spinning

So new, that I haven’t even started yet. Just researching! I went to a spinning demonstration at the zoo last week and have decided that I’d like to try a drop spindle. One of the women says she only uses Golding spindles. They are beautiful, but too pricey for a beginner. I also like the looks of the CopperMoose spindles and those fall into my price range.

I know I can make one from a CD, and will probably give it a try.

What do the different weights and diameters of spindles mean? Do I want a top or bottom whorl? How do I go about picking one?

I am planning on going to a Fibre Festival at the end of May, but wanted to have some info before I go. I bought the Interweave publication: Spin it… Making Yarn from Scratch. It has nice pics of what to do once you have a spindle, but no advice on buying one.

Thanks for any info.


I personally love Copper Moose’s spindles, but I am not sure how their stock is right now. He has suspended making them for awhile. But it is definitely worth looking into. Bosworth spindles are also very nice.

Thanks for the suggestions on the spindles.

Can anyone else give me some info on the different diameter and weights of spindles?


Basically, the larger the whorl, the slower the spindle will spin and the thicker the yarn. The smaller the whorl, the faster the spindle spins and it adds twist very rapidly and is good for fine yarns.

Sometimes I forget that knitty has great articles. :slight_smile: