New to socks

I’m doing a knitted gift exchange with a good friend of mine. She wants socks. I’ve never made socks, but I’m happy to try. In the past I’m made fingerless gloves ( and booties (
so I’m up for a challenge.

Anyhoo, I’m not too worried about knitting them, except I have no idea which patterns are better, toe up or cuff down. I’m not sure of the pro’s and con’s. If there are any at all.

I bought sock yarn but I would love advice on patterns for relative sock beginners. PLEASE HELP!



Since you have some experience, plunge in and do Silver’s two-at-once toe-up socks, either two socks on two circs or two socks on magic loop. I used the Turkish CO instead of the figure 8, cuz I couldn’t figure out the figure 8 and Turkish is really easy.

I used the “Knitting Pure and Simple” knitting socks patterns. I got them from “jimmy bean”. Silver hadn’t made her patterns for socks yet. I myself like the cuff down socks. I think it is everyone’s likes and dislikes on how you make the socks. I do want to try the toe down and now that silver has one it is going to be on my plate soon.

I think it is a matter personal preference (both to the knitter or wearer). Some people like the toe up method because there is less worry about having enough yarn to complete one sock, avoids the need for a kitchner closing, and or fit reasons (heel and toe areas).
Some people like the top down method for fit reasons or they have difficulties starting a toe up sock (turkish or figure eight method). And then some people like Cat Bordhi want to explore “sock-itectures.” Since no one has mentioned it yet you might also want to check out Hipknitism. She has a six lesson breakdown on knitting basic ribbed socks (that feature what she calls a “Sherman Heel”). The web site address is:

Good luck.