New to site

Dear Amy and all,

I’ve found help on this site before and wanted you to know how much I appreciate the videos! I’m one of those who has to see it done and then the ahh factor kicks in.

Keep the videos coming they are great!!

I’m a continental knitter so it’s “pink” for me.

:hug: nanarox[/u][/b]

Welcome. Between Amy’s videos and the friendly, helpful folks on this forum I have actually managed to knit something without hurting myself.


Welcome to our humble abode!

I too love this site. :heart: It’s nice to see such a mix of people and it’s not a negative board in the least. People on this site tend to go out of their way to help you if you get stuck. This really is the best board I’ve been too.

Good luck on your knitting! :muah:

Hey, how are you? Welcome to the site :hug: You’re going to love it here, everyone’s sooooo nice and hilarious!