New to site. Need help with abbreviations

I have been knitting for years, but not for many months, due to arthiritis. I have a pattern I want to make for my new grandson, due in October. The abbreviation is, K1, S1. What does S1 mean? Thanks for any info you may have.

Welcome to KH. Congratulations on yur new grandson! S1 = slip 1. At the top of the page is a Glossary tab. You’ll find most abbreviations you’ll encounter and some have video links.

Thank you so much for the quick response to my silly question. I went to the glossary, like you suggested. Yea! I will be watching the videos all weekend end!

I’m glad I could help. That wasn’t a silly question. I didn’t crochet for several years and found I’d forgotten some of the abbreviations that I’d not had problems with before. Feel free to ask for help anytime. The videos are great, aren’t they?