New to reading patterns please help!

I’m trying to make this wrap and I’m brand-spaking-new to reading knitting paterns (I’ve done some crochett so I get it sort of…)

I’m just starting this piece and here is where I’m getting caught up:

" working sts from right edge as foll: edge st, first 6 sts of diagram, first 2 sts of patt g, edge st…" ect.

I get everything after this and I sort of understand the pattern group (I’ve attached it below), but how does that group fit into the instructions above?

I’m trying to figure out what the heck is the difference between the pattern group and the diagram? How does that work together? Are those first 6 stitches supposed to be the first 6 between the arrows or from the far right?

I hope I’m making sense.

What other information is given, esp in regards to this edge stitch and the st count?

Just a guess but the chart doesn’t allow for edge/sel st so I assume you’ve allowed for that. Work that, then the first 6 sts of the chart/diagram (on some rows it is just st st, on others it has the patt) and then the first 2 sts of whatever follows the 6. (In essence, you’ve done the sel and then 8…6+2… sts of that row.)

The ‘pattern’ would appear to be the 12-st rep whereas the ‘diagram’ is the chart (in its entirety).

But then I may be totally off base…


If you’re starting with fewer stitches than are in the chart, then I’d read the directions as written–the first 6 and two from inside the chart. I’m guessing that as the piece gets wider, you’ll incorporate more and more stitches from the chart and eventually have to repeat the center, marked stitches.

Cool. I think I get it, the first 6 st are from the far right so they’re all just the strait st and as I increase then I’ll get into the patter.

Thanks for your help, all of you :wink:

I’m impressed that you are brand spanking new and you are working from the chart. Do you find that easier to follow? I to am new and I trying to first understand the written instructions before moving on to the charts. I had to work with a system so I could keep track of my rows as I read the instructions. I won’t tell you what that system is :-). I have not mastered that yet and can’t move to the charts. Although all the charts I’ve seen so far are of more complicated patterns that I’m not ready for.

So I wonder if following the chart is easier to follow than the written instructions.