New to patterns - need help


I’m trying to step up my knitting skills and have taken on a pattern for the first time. I’ve read a number of articles on how to read knitting patterns, and I thought I had the hang of it, but I’m just not sure.

I’m trying to knit this for my fella, and I’ve hit a couple snags (including having to start over once already). I am just unsure whether I am supposed to knit rows 1-29 of the chart five times, or row 1 five times, row two five times, etc. Also, rows 15 and 16, and the corresponding note, have me a little confused. This is a challenge for me, but I would really like to knock this one out. Any advice is appreciated!

(Since this is my first post, I cannot include the link to the pattern. I will include it in a reply.)

Here is the link to the pattern:

had to read it, and then read it again to make sure i was going to reply correctly…

you are going to work row one 5 times, to get all the way around. then row two 5 times to get all the way around, etc. the chart is only 1/5 of the full circumference. so every single row of the chart has to be worked 5 times, and only then do you move on to the next row of the chart.

but be sure to take note of the designer’s ‘important note’, that the transition from row 15-16 is slightly different, so when you get to the last of the 5 repeats of round 15, check that part of the instructions again so that your transition goes according to plan.

such a great hat, and i’m not a hat person. but i keep seeing this one around and thinking maybe… :wink:

Thank you! I’ll play around with it and see how it turns out. A friend thought it meant to work rows 1-29 five times, and now I’m wondering if it will work either way. Only one way to find out, I suppose! Thank you again, and happy holidays. :slight_smile:

Great job Mr. X . Now I know who to go to if I ever start knitting from charts :thumbsup: