New (To Me) Knitting Goodies

A couple of months ago, Mom and I were talking about knitting. I was mentioning the fact that I didn’t have a whole lot of supplies but that there were certain things I wanted to try using, so I’d ask for them for Christmas. That was when Mom reminded me that she had inherited all of my grandmother’s knitting notions, as well as a bit of yarn. Well, since my mother has been knitting all her life, she already has her own notions, so never used any of my grandmother’s. So she decided to send them to me. She actually couldn’t find everything, some of it is in the attic, but she DID send me what she had stored in her closet. There were quite a few skeins of yarn, which I didn’t take a picture of. Then, there were six sets of needles:

From left to right they are: 1 pair of wooden needles, size 15 (which my mother thinks actually previously belonged to my great-grandmother); 1 pair of Boye needles, size 10; 1 pair of unknown brand needles, size 5; 1 pair Zephr needles, size 2; 1 pair of plastic needles, size 7; and 1 pair of unknown brand needles, size 3.

Also enclosed in this package my mother sent me was something very special. You see, when my grandmother entered nurses training in the early 1940s (1941, I believe) she decided to sew herself a knitting bag:

The original handles, apparently, were wooden. They fell apart after about 30 years so my grandmother replaced them with plastic handles. Those fell apart pretty quickly and so she replaced them with the metal handles seen there.

It amazes me to think that bag is nearly 70 years old. The fabric is sturdy, and you can tell the thread used to sew it together is, too. They don’t make fabric and thread that durable anymore, I fear. I’ve had thread literally fall apart in the middle of my sewing before.

Anyway, I’m so proud to own that bag. It deeply saddens me that my grandmother died when I was 13…I was too young at the time to REALLY appreciate her knowledge of the domestic arts. I mean, she taught me to knit when I was a toddler (I knitted blankets for my dolls, aww) but I didn’t keep up with knitting and soon forgot how. I was actually really into sewing as a pre-teen (she got me my first sewing kit) but wasn’t very interested in sewing practical or useful items, like clothes…I was more into sewing little pillows and the like for my friends (and I don’t mind admitting that I’m very good with a needle and thread…my Home Ec teacher in 7th grade thought I was having my mother do my sewing project.) Also, I didn’t realize until about two years ago that I enjoy cooking and baking as much as I do, which was another area (among many) that my grandmother excelled at. It just seems unfair that I didn’t realize the wealth of knowledge she could have shared with me, and tried to share with me, until too late.

That is really sweet that your mom was able to share with you some of your grandmother’s items.


I was lucky, like you, to receive much of my grandmothers needles and such along with lots of sewing thread on wooden spools. Haven’t done much sewing with it but they’re great to have on hand.

Everytime I use something of my grandma’s it’s like being with her again. She didn’t teach me to knit but I did pick up a little crocheting from her (and I have all of her awesome cookie recipes).


:hug: What a special gift to you, these items that belonged to your grandmother!!! I can understand how you wish you had the time to learn more from her; but I’m sure she would be very proud of all you’ve learned on your own~clearly you take after her!

I am lucky to have some of (both) my grandmothers’ sewing supplies. I have a Singer Featherweight sewing machine from the 1940’s (I think) that’s in perfect condition, with the feet, manual and carrying case; my other grandmother’s sewing cabinet which I use daily almost, lots of her notions and her scissors too. I miss them both, but I’m so lucky to have these items passed on to me to remember them by. Not to mention all the quilts and afghans and things they made for me and my family.

I have a beautiful quilt that my Granny (on my DM’s side) gave me after I admired the quilt top at her house more than once~she finally put it together and quilted it, then surprised me with it. She’s been gone for several years, and I just recently found out that it was actually pieced by her mother (or grandmother? I have to ask again!!). I was doubly awed, and treasure this quilt even more!

Anyway, how great to have a collection of your grandmother’s knitting needles! She will be with you for every stitch :heart: and that will add more love to your work!

I too inherited some of my grandmother’s needle’s and yarn.the yarn was all odd balls so I added some cream colours and crocheted an afgan so now I can snuggle under Granny’s blanket.
Enjoy your treasures from your Grandma and even though she wasn’t in your life for a long time she has given you a gift,her love of knitting, so a part of her will always be with you

Hi! :waving:

You are so fortunate to have such wonderful things from your grandmother and what a creative influence you had in her life.

It reminded me that I have a small granddaughter, 7 years old, who I’ve been meaning to spend some time with and teach some of the skills I’ve accumulated over the years, especially knitting!

We all lead busy lives, for sure, and little ones have tougher schedules than adults these days it seems. BUT, I’m sure I can make time to pass along things I’ve learned to her. And I’ll make sure to set that up this very week!

Thanks for the reminder, from a grandchild’s point of view, about how important this is. :hug:

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :knitting:

This is so cool! Your grandmother would LOVE that you are using her things! She would be proud that you cherish her bag so much.

That’s very cool. I’m sure you’ll cherish those and think about her every time you look at or use them.

Awesome!! Keep them forever.
I too have some of my grandmas items a few crochet hooks. I wish I had more of her items also. I am 54 and still have kept them.


That is so awesome, I really like the bag your grandmother made.

i have a pair of knitting needles that were my great-grandmother’s. they are metal, about the diameter of a medium-sized paperclip. i was told she used them most for knitting dishrags from the string from store packaging(before the everlasting plastic bags). they are a little difficult to use, as one end is pointed and pretty sharp. i’ve not made anything with them, just a practice swatch with crochet thread to see if i could do it!! it’s lovely to have things passed down from family. enjoy using your heirlooms. linknit41