New to Lace Knitting

I am just starting a shawl and already have realized my needles are not going to work. Could someone recommend a good brand of lace knitting needles. Has anyone tried the Addi lace interchangeables? Does the yarn get caught at the needle/cable break? I was trying to use my Denise but the yarn kept getting stuck in the crack. I wonder if the Addi’s do that too.

I just use my regular fixed needles. I do have one of knit picks Harmonies though and don’t have a problem with the yarn getting caught.

I’ve used my Addi Turbos with lace weight yarn and have not had any problems with them catching in the join. I don’t have their interchangeables, though.

I just ordered a pair of Addi lace. I will give those a try and I am sure i will be happy. my LYS doesn’t have any in stock! :frowning:

I use the gold-tipped Addi’s for lace, not interchangables, just single-sized. I love them. I think you will too! Best to you in your lace-making endeavors.