New to Lace Knitting - Purse pattern

This might be a dumb question but since I keep making the same mistake I thought I’d ask.

I’m trying lace knitting for the first time and am starting out with this purse pattern from this book, Lace Collection for Knitting.

I’m working on the purple purse (picture underneath white bag). I’m knitting in the round and since the shape changes with almost each row, is it possible to have additional stitches after each row? Since Round 17 (I’m on Round 23?), I keep having to ‘borrow’ stitches after my stitch marker to make up for stitches that I lack on the right hand needle. Is this normal in lace knitting? Is the shape causing this? Or should I thank god that I have several life lines and start tinking and counting?

Most patterns are complete before the end of round marker. Not all, but most. Usually the pattern will tell you if you need to move the end of round marker. That’s essentially what you’re doing if you have to borrow sts from the next round. See if the pattern notes mention something like this perhaps.
Can you see the leaf pattern in what you’ve done so far? That may be the best gauge. If things look right at the end of round/beginning of round spot, then you’re ok.

I do not believe that the pattern mentions moving the round marker, however, I’ll look again. And yes, I do see the leaf pattern and it all seems to be lining up thus far.