New to knitting

I have just learned how to knit, I’m kintting a scarf and I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks to knitting? Thanks!

Well, I guess there are a few. There are some very helpful videos on the tab at the top of the page. And there’s lots of help for techniques, problems, and questions here in the forum. Welcome to knitting and to KH!

Thanks! My scarf is almost 8 inches long, and is my very first project!

Excellant beginning! How is it going? Are you following a pattern or just knitting away? What stitch are you using?

Its going good! I’m just knitting away so far, I’m not sure what stich I’m using… I’m just knitting…

That’s just the knit stitch then. When you knit on every row it makes what’s called garter stitch.

If you purl every row it makes garter stitch too. If you knit a row and purl a row, that makes stockinette stitch. The reason is the back of a knit is a purl st, the back of a purl is a knit stitch. So there’s really only one stitch in knitting, you sometimes just work it differently depending on which side is facing you.

Thanks!!! That helps me a lot!!!

Hi and welcome to KH!

My tip for future reference: Stockinette curls! I’m glad you’re doing garter stitch, it will stay flat for you. :cool:

Thanks I will try that on my next project!

I don’t know if this counts as a ‘tip’, per se, but definitely check out It is a fantastic website where you can browse pattern and yarns, and people’s finished projects and reviews!

It’s really inspiring and you can find heaps of great free patterns!

I haven’t read all the comments and answers prior to my post…but here is a tip that I will give you that is very important for a new knitter embarking on a scarf or anything like a wash cloth, dish towel, etc.

[COLOR=Red][COLOR=Blue]ALWAYS count your stitches at the end of every row. [/COLOR] [/COLOR]

This will reveal if you’ve [U]lost any stitches[/U] (called dropped stitches)…[B]or[/B] [U]picked up any extra stitches[/U] (due to some mistake like knitting a stitch twice, or an unprescribed yarnover)

Better to catch the error at the [U]end of the row in which the error occurred[/U] than many rows later.
ALWAYS check your work.
FYI: I still count my stitches for many projects. I use stitch markers to make this accounting quicker and easier. [/COLOR]

Lol stay on this site! It taught me all I know about knitting!