New to knitting

Hi everyone! I have croched for years, but I’m new to knitting & I love it! I’ve tried to find beginners’ sweater patterns for my 2 girls, 2 & 3 lb yorkies. What I have found are larger patterns, and I’m not anywhere close to resizing patterns! Anyone have any suggestions?
I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you - everyone sounds so nice!
Thanks for any help!

Hi, I am knitting my first sweater myself. I have a great book, Stitch and Bitch. There is a great pattern for “howl and cowl”, one sweater for you and one for your pooch. It looked like a small dog size. This is a great beginner book. The pattern takes you step by step and all of the skill sets needed are in the book. Good luck!:slight_smile:

This is a great pattern for a child’s and dog’s sweater:

I’m making my second sweater now. It’s an easy pattern to follow and works up rather quickly. The cabling looks great and is so easy to do - 1 row out of 8. I haven’t tried the dog sweater yet, but I’ve read over the directions, and they seem easy to follow.
I didn’t buy the pattern, I found it in a knitting book I borrowed from the library [can’t remember which one], but I believe the design is by Jill Eaton.