New to Knitting

I have never knitted before and want to start…what is the best way to get started?

I’d say grab some yarn and some needles and follow along with the videos right here at! That is how I started just over 2 years ago and I’m loving it. :smiley:

Ditto farmwife’n’mama…lol…Definitely the yarn and needles first…for a beginner I’d recommend a light colored worsted weight yarn, and needle size anywhere between 7 and 9. Bamboo needles are good for beginners as they don’t allow the yarn to slide around on the needle too much so you won’t have to worry as much about dropped stitches…Once you have your needles and yarn, check out the video section here and if ya have any questions, ask away! And welcome to knittinghelp!

You’ve gotten good advice here. Just remember to be patient and don’t worry too much about mistakes or wonky looking knitting. It takes practice to make your tension even. :thumbsup:

Also…make sure they yarn you choose is a smooth yarn…no fun fur.

Smooth and lighter colored - it’ll help you find the sts easier.

I also decided a little while ago that I wanted to learn to knit. What I did was go to Micheal’s and got a kit called I Taught Myself To Knit (or something similar) by Boye. I opened it in the store and looked at the first pattern and bought the needles and yarn I needed for it then went home and started reading. The book is very helpful, however I am probably going to make use of the videos here as I found the book confused me when it comes to purl stitch so I need to figure that out.

I think a book like this in combination with either an experienced knitter or videos would work well.:wink:

I agree with all of the above. Unfortunately I didn’t discover knitting help until I had figured the basics out from a book but it still has been very helpful! Most of all don’t get discouraged. Knitting will take a lot of practice. Some of your first projects will seem to take forever and they will look strange!!! I wish I could find the first dishcloth I made. It was completely misshapen and was supposed to have a diamond pattern but I don’t think there was a diamond on the darned thing! Most of all, make things you like and have fun!!!

grab some needles and yarn (size 8 needles, and a yarn similar to Caron Simply Soft) and sit down in front of the videos here.

Whenever someone on my parenting board goes “I wish I could learn to knit” i send them here.

I’m new to knitting too. I don’t know whether they allow external links here either. Mods, please excuse me if this is a no-no.

I learn well while watching so videos are good for me.

I found some excellent introductory short videos to help with some of the very beginning basics of knitting at cyberseams on youtube.


External links are fine, and welcome to KH.


I learned the basics using Nici McNally’s “Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting” dvd and found her to be a very good teacher. Paying for a few lessons at my LYS has proved to be invaluable and in addition to the videos at KH, I have learned a lot from Hope this helps.