New to Knitting

I am wondering, after you bind off, or add more yarn, how do you secure the loose ends to finish the project. I am knitting a beaded scarf so the yarn is very thin. I don’t know what to do with the ends left. I don’t want to just cut them. What do I do so that these pieces don’t stick out and come unraveled. Thank you

If you go under the “View Videos” tab at the top of the screen to the “Tips” page, here:
you can watch the video about Joining a New Color Yarn… “Duplicate Stitch Join”. I use the duplicate stitch to weave in ends. If you duplicate 3 or 4 stitches, the end will not come undone. Hope that helps!

Leave a tail 3-6" then pull it through adjoining sts with a darning/tapestry needle or crochet hook; this is also called weaving in.

Try out this article. It has good pictures for doing a duplicate stitch, where you weave in your ends by following the yarn through previously-made stitches. (She explains it better. :slight_smile: ) If you duplicate just 3 or 4 stitches, your end will not pop out and come unraveled. Hope this helps!