New to knitting

I am a long time crocheter but decided to take a knitting class and I really enjoyed it. I have finshed a scarf and moved onto a baby afghan for a shower gift. So far so good.
My question is, what is felting? I have heard of it but have no idea what exactly it is. Also does anyone know of any good purse patterns? I would love to make purses but our local chain stores only carried 1-2 books.
Thank you for the help! This is a terrific site!!:yay:

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Felting is what happens when wool or other untreated animal fiber gets washed with agitation.

Here are some felted purse patterns. Some are probably easier than others.

I’ve made this one. also has tons of patterns.

When you wash wool and it shrinks, it’s called ‘oops.’ Doing it on purpose is called felting.:teehee:

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I’m about to start a Booga Bag

only it’s going to be a bit wider than it is tall. I really need a bag for summer that I can carry a bunch of ‘purse’ stuff and a bottle of iced water. This pattern is among the ones that Jan referred you to, just thought I’d point it out, as it’s easy and everyone who has made one seems to like it.

I love your description of felting Ingrid:cheering: