New to Knitting

I need help reading the pattern it says
cast on 35 sts
work in garter st, inc 1 st each end of row every 6th (4th) row 3 (14) times-41 (79) sts.

So does mean I cast on 35 stitches
next row I would do a yarn over to get an extra stitch at the begining and then again at the end for 6 rows and repeat this every 6 rows until I get 41 rows…
This part is so confusing. Thanks for any help

Probably your best increase in this case (and if anyone else replies and thinks better, please do :teehee: ) I would suggest a knit into the front and back of the same stitch. I yarn over will make a hole or “eyelet” at the beginning and end of the row might be a little looser than you’d like. Not knowing what your pattern is to look like, if you knit the first stitch, then do a yarn over at the beginning, then knit the end and before the last stitch on the needle do your other yarn over, then knit the last one, you will get the effect of eyelets down each side of your piece.
Your increases wil eventually get you from 35 stitches cast on in the beginning to having 41 stitches (not rows). Increases up your stitch count not row count.
Does any of that answer your questions? :shrug:

cast on 35 sts
work in garter st, inc 1 st each end of row every 6th (4th) row 3 (14) times-41 (79) sts.

Not sure what you are making, but based on what you’ve written you CO 35 stitches. You increase at the beginning and end of every 6th row. So at the end of 18 rows you’d have increased three times and have 41 stitches.

For the increases I wouldn’t use a YO unless it tells you to. A YO creates an eyelet. I would probably use a KFB (knit in the front and back of same stitch). You can see how to do that here. It is also called a Bar Increase. There are other increases as well if you want to give them a try instead.

The number in parenthesis is for a large size of whatever it is you are making.