New to knitting

I am a crocheter by trate but want to pick up knitting. I understand the basics but am stumped on part of a pattern I am trying. It says; *(k1, [yo,k1]twice) in same st, I’m not sure how to read these brackets and I have no idea what they mean by “in same st” or how to do that. This pattern is for a ripple afghan. Can someone help? Thanks

It looks like you’re making a bobble. All these st go into one st., so you k1 as normal, but DON’T slide it off. Put your yarn in the front of the work, as if you were going to purl, k1 again and don’t slide it off. yo and k1 again and THEN slide off the whole lot. So you’re going from one st to 5 in on spot. On the next row (or three) they’re probably going to tell you to purl all those st together

The brackets give you a st sequence and the number outside of it tells you how many times to repeat that sequence.

Ingrid’s right on how to do it, but if it’s a ripple pattern, it’s probably not a bobble. You’ll increase 4 stitches in one spot and decrease 4 in another, probably on the same row. That creates the ripple or wave effect. When you increase, it forces more stitches in one spot which will become the arc of the wave. When you decrease, that creates the valley of the wave. It’s a very nice and easy pattern once you get the hang of it. Good luck!

Oh yeah–I missed the ripple part. Now you know how to make a bobble, too! :oops:

thanks for the help. I think I have it.