New to Knitting

Hi there, I am relatively new to knitting and am trying to follow a pattern and I am so confused.
I have 24 stitches and the pattern then goes as follows:-
(M1,K1) to the end of the row (36 sts)
Surely this would make 48 stitches ?? Also how do you M1 at the start of the row? Any help gratefully received

Welcome to KH!
It depends on the kind of M1 that your pattern wants you to use. Usually a M1 is worked by picking up the strand between 2 sts but that’s not what’s called for here. For this pattern use an increase in a stitch like a knit front and back (Kfb). That makes the increase at the beginning of the row easy and the math works out.
Often a pattern list abbreviations at the beginning or end of the pattern but sometimes that list is missing.
What is the name of your pattern?

Hi, thanks for replying, I understand the concept of the M1 now, it’s the fact that if I do what I think the pattern is saying I am going to end up with too many stitches the pattern doesn’t have a name, it’s actually a knitting kit to make a unicorn!

Hi again, if I do the KFB how often do I add the stitch? after every 2 knit stitches? Sorry for my complete ignorance :frowning:

The pattern is (M1, k1) to the end of the row. For that work (kfb, k1) to the end of the row. The kfb will use up one stitch and leave you with 2sts. The k1 is a knit one. That means that the repeat takes 2 sts and leaves you with 3 sts each time.


Amazing :star_struck: you have been so helpful , thank you. I will give it another go.