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Hi Everyone - My name is Sarah and I’m new to knitting. There is a pattern I would like to try but I’m embarrassed to say I’m not sure what the pattern is telling me. I haven’t found any sites that explain all the instructions. The pattern is as follows:
Cast on 143 stitches (sts). Do not join. Working back and forth across needle in rows, proceed as follows:

1st row: [Wrong Side (WS)]. Knit.
2nd row: Knit 5 (K5). Purl to last 5 sts. K5.
3rd row: Knit.Step 2
Repeat (rep) these 6 rows for pattern (pat) until Blanket measures approximately 56” [142 cm], ending on a 2nd row of pat.Cast off knitwise (WS).

I don’t understand what “Knit.Step 2” is telling me and why it says repeat these 6 rows when it only shows 3? Can someone please explain?

Hi I can explain “knit step 2” which means to repeat the 2nd row. As far as the second half of your question I also only see 3 rows. Could you please provide us with a link or the name of the pattern that you are using, as this may help to explain the second half of your question.

Hi! Thank you so much for the help. Instructions can be found on the following link.

What a mess for a pattern. I think as written it’s going to be stockinette. Stockinette rolls horribly and needs top and bottom borders in garter stitch (knit every row) to match the sides and help counter the curl. This pattern is not for a full size blanket but is better written and actually makes sense. You can use the cast on number you have from your link. It does have a yo (yarn over) at the edges which makes the eyelet and you can use it or not as you please. The idea is to have a garter stitch border all around. A wider border works better so if you wanted to go for more stitches in garter stitch that would be fine too. I think I’d use 8 or more at each end and more rows at both top and bottom. When I liked the size for the top border I’d fold the corner over and count how many stitches equal the number of rows in the triangle the fold makes.

It looks like stockinette to me, too.

I have to say that this black, grey and white blanket looks like it has some garter ridges in the main body of the blanket to me.
It looks like:
Repeat (rep) these 6 rows for pattern (pat) until Blanket measures approximately 56” [142 cm], ending on a 2nd row of pat. Cast off knitwise (WS)
Share your project etc.

The missing rows 4-6 could be almost anything but maybe this would work:
row 4 knit across
row 5 knit 5, purl to last 5, k5
row 6 knit across

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I have to agree with salmonmac about the missing 3 rowd

I found the pattern. Why didn’t it show up when I searched before?
Ridges Blanket on Ravelry

How could you see anything in that tiny picture?