New to Knitting

Hey everyone! My name is Izzy and I’m completely new to the wonderful world of knitting and this seemed like the ideal place to get some tips and join the knitting community! Complete newbie to this whole thing but I hope you’ll give me a WARM (little attempt at some knitting humour there!) welcome and give me some tips to get me started! x

A very warm welcome to the forum and to knitting, Izzy!
Delighted to have you join us. There are all sorts of patterns, tips and videos on the KH site. Check out the tabs at the top of the page. And of course lots of questions, projects and photos in the various forum categories.
Thanks for joining.

Hi izzy

You will find so many interestimg things here in the forum. Look under the various categories you will find various patterns that others have worked as well as many links to patterns . So take your time and browse around

Hi Izzy! Welcome to Knitting Help! Feel free to ask any question you have. We were all new knitters at one time so we understand. :slight_smile:

Welcome Izzy! every one here has needed help at one time or another so you will fit right in with us. Some of ous are more expeierienced than others but we all like to see pictures of each others works.