Hello everyone ! :wave:

I’m new to knitting and never really succesfully made anything BUT if anyone can help me, i’d be soo grateful.

For my next knitting/crochet project, i’d like to recreate this dress (might be a lil ambitious but i really want to try)
knit dress 2 knit dress
it’s a ZARA dress :

For the crochet and top part, i can figure out a pattern.

But the skirt part…is another story. Because i don’t know allll the different knit techniques, I can’t come up with a pattern for the lace part of the skirt :

It’s looks like a repeating pattern.
I looked up lots of videos/tutorial for different lace patterns (not even sure it’s “lace”) but nothing…

I know creating patterns takes a lot of time and you would be doing it for free so if you want to help and can help me, please reply here !

Thank you soo much to everyone !! :pray:
Wishing all of you a lovely day :sunflower:

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That is a stunner and a tall order for a new knitter but test out possible stitch patterns on swatches. The bump is probably made by increases and later decreases. The openwork areas are elongated stitches. Here’s a video for one way to try them out.

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Yess she’s beautiful ! and yes, i have that thing where when i try new things i like to start with very hard project that require a lot of advanced skills ahah

Oh I didn’t know that’s what they were called…Will try those !
Thank you for your reply ! :slight_smile: