New to knitting!! trying to decipher left front of Wendy 4925 pattern long sleeve bolero

Hi, Newbie here,

Can you explain the following (I currently have 34 stitches):

Commencing with a knit row (I am doing stocking stitch), continue in st. st. throughout as follows:

Work 1 row, finishing on a right side (does this just mean knit one row)??

Inc. 1st at beg of next row and at same edge (front opening edge) of next 13 rows, then
increase 1 st at beginning of following 4 alt. rows and then increase 1 st on every following 4th row until there are 54 stitches.

Any help gratefully accepted.

Kind regards,


Yes, sounds like knit one row. This is the left front as you would wear the bolero. Knittg a row should put you at the front opening edge. When you turn you’ll be at the beginning of a purl row, ready to increase one stitch.
When the pattern says finishing on a RS (right side) row, it means that your next sts will go on a WS (wrong side) row.

Many thanks.