New to knitting, The bigger the better, trade prices, open to ideas etc

Hello, I am new to this forum so I’m hoping to find all my answers here :crossed_fingers:
I am very new to knitting, tried to run before I could walk!!!
I am currently looking for the best wool to use for baby blankets, what size needles to use etc but my heart is set on the epic/giant/super chunky merino wool for arm knitting but I don’t know where the best place is to buy.
Can anyone help me?
Kind Regards

I am also fairly new to knitting, but I’m a long time crocheter and therefore no stranger to buying yarn. If what you’re making is for a baby I highly recommend using superwash wool. That’s what I use for my toddler and it’s so much more convenient than trying to hand wash something that gets dirty all the time. I buy most of my yarn from They have a great selection and they show pictures of the actual yarn so you can really see what the color will look like. I used to prefer buying my yarn in person but I’ve found that I just can’t find what I need at stores like ACMoore and Michael’s and I don’t have a local yarn store near me. Craftsy currently has size 5 bulky yarn in superwash merino and size 6 in regular merino wool. I’ve personally never seen those giant yarns in anything other than acrylic.