New to Knitting SOS

Hi all!

I’m new to knitting and just experienced an emergency. I’m self taught so I don’t know technical terms. I’m not sure what I did or how to remedy it. I uploaded a photo in case that might help. Can someone please tell me what I did and how to fix it? I’ve never gotten this far on a project before and I don’t want to lose it all!!


It looks like a dropped stitch, but it’s much too large a loop for that. I suggest just rip backing a few rows to where the stitches were perfect then continue on.

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Coulf you provide us with a name or link to the pattern you are working on?

Hm I don’t know the name and I don’t have a link to a pattern that I know of. I YouTubed “how to knit for beginners” that’s the video I primarily used.

I’d do as Jan and unknit it back a row or two. Ends are hard to figure out and it’s so loose making it even harder.