New to knitting--purse question

Hi everyone,
I am new to knitting as an adult (I was Potholder Vest Queen as a kid). I am making a little bucket purse with round needles. I have garter stitched the bottom but am now supposed to construct the sides of the bag (stockinette stitch?) but cannot figure out how to “turn” the sides. The piece I have is 13 stitches wide and 19 rows. I need to go along the side and can’t figure it out. sorry if I sound dopey, I hope I am asking this question correctly. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi kieren,

Welcome to the forum. :waving:

It sounds like you’ll need to pick up stitches along the sides and cast on edge of yhour bag bottom. If you go to the basic techniques tab at the top of the page, in the And More section there’s a video on picking up stitches.

There’s also information on knitting in the round if you need that.

Hope to see a picture of a FO soon!

Happy Knitting xxx


Are you asking how to pick up the stitches onto your circular needle or how to do stockinette in the round?

About 2/3 of the way down the page are instructions for picking up stitches.
It is a little awkward to do, but will help you make a nice seamless bag.
Here’s another couple links.

To knit the stockinette in the round on a circular needle you won’t need to turn at all. When knitting in the round you just knit on one side so you only use the knit stitch. Just make sure that the loop of the needles is away from your body so you are knitting on the OUTSIDE of the circle.

If you mean something else please clarify. :wink:

Thanks Mary and Jan,
I found the answer, thanks to your links. I was stupidly trying to knit in the round without binding off. I’m ready to go now. This site is a great source of information!