New to knitting/not sure if im reading this right

Im working on this pattern for a cable knit scarf.
I start by casting on 43 sts
On row 2 it reads K4, P9 rep ending in K4

The its supposed to be sets of 13 (K4, P9) that makes sense…
Adding up to 39 not 43. Either way it doesnt seem to end in K4.

Ive been sitting here staring at my mess of yarn and cant seem to get the math to add up. Whats going on here ?

Im pretty new to this so its probably something really simple im overlooking.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The pattern across the row works out to 43 sts. The 13stitch repeat x3 and the additional k4.
k4, p9 x3 = 39
k4 = 4
for a total of 43.
So repeat the section within the asterisks 3 times, then knit the next 4sts which are on the left hand needle.

Please edit your post to remove the cable pattern. There are copyright problems if we repost large sections of a pattern.
Enjoy knitting your scarf!