New to knitting, need help

I have been trying to self teach by using videos, I can cast on but when it comes to the knit stitch to the other needle, it becomes so tight after 2 stitches that I cannot continue. i have tried pulling out all my cast on stitches and doing them looser but that doesn’t seem to work, I have also changed the yarn. I do not know what i am doing wrong, could anyone help.I am trying to knit a basic baby sized blanket using US size 9 needles. Thank you. I have enabled it so that i can receive emails through the site, but I will be checking on the thread once the kids go to bed.

sometimes it helps new knitters (and not so new but still learning/practicing knitters like me) to cast-on over 2 needles. then pull out the extra needle and start knitting. or, you could cast-on using a needle 1-2 or even 3 sizes larger (so if you want size 9, cast-on using 10s, 10.5s, 11s, then switch to 9s for the actual knitting) it creates the extra space that many of us need with tension issues.

another issue might be the orientation of the stitch. make sure when you’re doing the knit stitch that the yarn is in the back, and you’re going in through the loops on the left-hand with the right-hand needle from left to right. you don’t want to twist the stitch, knit through the back loop, etc. those oopsies will tighten the stitches and fabric.

Also, what cast on are you using? A link to a video of it or something if you don’t know what it’s called could help us understand better.

i am using a long tail cast on. and thank to you both for responding, i am going to try out the first respondent’s tips now

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Good suggestions above. One other thought: make sure you’re not knitting on the tips of the needles. That’ll make tighter stitches that won’t slip easily over the larger barrel of the needle. Form the new stitches on the larger part of the right needle.

here the same problems. i am also a new “knitter”

I taught myself also, about 4 yrs ago, and I’m a tight knitter. When i start a pattern I almost always use one needle size larger than called for or I end up with super tight stitches. One question I have is what size/type of yarn have you tried with the size 9’s? That can make a big difference (in my experience).