New to knitting...need help

I am a totally new to knitting knitter and am very excited to hopefully one day actually know what I am doing. As I look around the web and read patterns I am totally overwhelmed by “the code” they are written in :shrug: . I’ve crocheted for years so i know that it’s just a matter of learning “the code” but with all the extra needles being put in and taken out, even begginer patterns seem beyond me.

The big question? Does anyone know of a website that has step by step illustrated instructions of making a sweater? I know that a how to book on knitting would be the best, but for now I’m trying to get my info from the web.
thanks and wish me luck

You probably don’t want to tackle a sweater first, it might be a bit overwhelming. If you go to Michaels, AC Moore, Joann’s or any local craft/yarn store, they will have how too books that are less than $10 that walk you through the basics. This website does as well-- check the “Basic Techniques” which walks you through how to do the basic stitches, and it start introducing you to the abbreviations. Most people start with a scarf because it’s not as involved as a sweater.


Plus this website has VIDEOS which are better than pictures, if ya ask me. :hug:

I agree, scarves can get boring, but sweaters are pretty challenging for a beginner! My first project was a scarf.

Once you’ve learned the basic terminology and how to do them a sweater is a very doable project, but learn the basics first.

Across the top of this page you’ll see a bunch of tabs. There are videos to learn technique, free patterns and a knitting glossary to help you with those confusing terms. When I started I had to look at the glossary often to help decipher a pattern.

Here’s a rew more links:

Learn to knit
Lion Brand - Learn to knit
Knitting at Noon Videos
Knitting at Noon Videos

There are different DVDs that I think are “work along” ones, but I can’t vouch for any of them. I think they’re kind of pricey unless you can get them the library.

Knitting related DVDs at Joann’s

My library has a couple, would probably be good to at least look at them at your local one.


most of the “code” is explained in the glossary