New to knitting need help with this pattern



I’m very new to knitting like this is only my third project new. So bare with me if it’s something obvious I’m missing. I’m working on the above pattern. My question is it says to go out to only 60 rows with the 4 rows of garter stitch on either side. My question is the gauge says it takes 84 rows to equal 12 inch. 68 isn’t going to get me 12 inch square blocks. What am I missing? How is this supposed to come out to 48" by 60"?


Welcome to KH!
What is the stitch pattern for the gauge swatch? It may be different from that used in the pattern itself and that may account for the difference. Quite often knitters are able to get the stitch gauge for a given pattern but not the row gauge. In that case we use the length measurement as a guide and that may be what you should do with these squares.
You might knit one test square, block it and then measure it. Depending on the result, you can adjust the number of rows in the other squares.
What kind of yarn are you using, wool, acrylic etc.?


16 sts and 28 rows = 4" in garter stitch. When I tested the gauge with the wool, acrylic combo I bought it worked out to the 4" square. Does it have something to do with the fact that I’m doing garter ridge not the garter stich they had me test the gauge in? So I need to adjust the rows to equal 12"?


If you’re getting 16sts over 4" in your garter stitch gauge swatch, go ahead with those needles and you should be fine in the pattern. Remember that the point of the gauge swatch is not to knit a 4" square but to be able to measure over 4" in the middle of the swatch. You don’t want to include edge sts in that measurement since they are smaller than other sts.
Garter stitch rows are more compact than many other stitch patterns so they are going to give you fewer rows in the swatch than you pattern sts (moss, seed etc). (Garter ridges are equal to 2 rows each.)
You may need to knit more or fewer rows in order to get 12" but that should be ok. Knitters often don’t get both stitch and row gauge but in general, go with stitch gauge and knit to a given length measurement.