New to Knitting | Need Help Identifying Hole

Hi! So I am somewhat new to knitting and holes have always been a problem I experience. I usually either rip the whole thing out or just continue knitting the project and accept that it’s never going to be perfect(negative, I know haha). This time, my project is going well, except that I got one hole. I am trying to fix it. However, I can’t figure it out. Here is a picture:

EDIT: Here is a better picture:

Is this fixable? If so, how? Also, what mistake caused this hole? Am I doomed?

It looks like you may have put your knitting down mid-row and when you picked it up, start back in the wrong direction. Here’s a way to avoid doing that.
You might be able to ladder up the dropped stitch leaving out that looped yarn, then go back and secure the loop to the back of the knitting with a short length of yarn.

Thanks for the info! I ended up having to unravel it to that point and sure enough, I had picked up my work and went back the other way.

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