New to knitting - neck shape problem

Hi, I’m new to knitting and trying to make a baby cardigan. It’s a simple pattern using St. I’m stuck with the neck shape instructions, which says:

Place Left Front sts onto needle. Work even until armhole measures 4 1/2”.
At neck edge, bind off 6 sts once, then 2 sts twice, then 2 sts once – 16 sts.

Question: When I’ve reached my 4 1/2", I found out that I’m on the WS. (I knitted on the previous row). So I start to BO 6 sts using purl. However, how to I BO the next row using knits cause the BO is at the ending of the row?
Do I start with a new yarn of the following row also using a purl to BO 2 sts first and purl all my way to the end of the row?

Many thanks!!

You should always do a BO at the beginning of a row because as you found, the yarn is in the wrong place if you do it at the end. Take off your end of row BO and purl to the end, and BO on the knit row instead. The 4½" doesn’t have to be absolutely exactly 4½", you can do it on the next row.

Great thanks for the prompt reply. So, I will start with a new yarn for each row I’m to do a BO?
Also, I’ve noticed that I can’t knit now, cause the whole cardigan is done in one piece and divided to 2 fronts and back at arm hole. Thanks.

So, I will start with a new yarn for each row I’m to do a BO?

Noooooo, when you BO at the beginning of a row your yarn is in the correct place to finish the row. Then you turn and work the other row, then turn and you can BO at the beg of the row you bound off before.

Certainly you can knit it, just work on one front, then the other front. You may have to take a new yarn end to [I]start[/I] each of the fronts, depends on if you finished off the back or where you left the yarn.

Ok, I think I got what you mean now. The BO actually happens every other rows, and not every rows. Cause the pattern didn’t mention about every other rows, I thought I am to BO every row. Thanks!! Now I can proceed to finish my cardigan.

Right. Since you’re binding off at the neck edge only on a front, it’s only on one side/edge of your piece, not both of them.