New to knitting in the round...Help!

So I know knitting on circular needles and knitting in the round are two different things so my question is. When knitting in the round do you knit the first two stitches together to join them? Is that how it’s done? I’ve never knit on circular needles before and I found this pattern for a simple halter that I thought would be easy enough for me to do. It say’s to CO 120 stitches. Would I cast on 121 to join the first two, but still end up with 120? I hope that made sense :oops:

CO 120 (134, 148, 162, 176, 190, 204). Join to first stitch, without twisting stitches. Moss stitch for 1 inch. Continue in Stockinette stitch until piece measures 11“ (11½“, 12“, 12½“, 13“, 13½“, 14“). Place marker and p1, k1 across 60 stitches. Place marker. You should have 60 (74, 88, 102, 116, 130, 144) stitches remaining to form the front. Maintain ribbing on the back and Stockinette on the front for two more rounds. Bind off 60 back stitches.

cast on 120 only

you do not knit two together

i can’t explain it very well, but i’m sure amy’s video would be helpful

Thanks! I e-mailed a friend that explained to me that I do not need to k2tog to join. I feel like such an idiot sometimes :doh:

Hi , i had the same problem today and i watched the video , how to join together but i mentioned that , the yarn and the small inch of yarn were to the same side(i don’t with u understand what i mean) but me i had to CO 110 stihes but cable CO and i have small inch of yarn in the left nedle and the normall in the right so i’m really lost how to join.

sorry for my english(i’m not a english speaker).


I’m not quite sure exactly what you mean. But to join in the round, have your stitch with the yarn attached at your right tip and the first stitch that you cast on at the left tip. Then just put the right needle into the stitch on the left needle as you normally would and start knitting.

Thanks Ingrid,

Well i will try to expplain it clearly, hope so.I wanted to say that to the video or other website i saw that the working yarn and the tail yarn are on the right needle and it easy to join ,but while Cable CO i have the tail yarn in the left needle and the working yarn on the right…i hope that i will make myslef understood.

I think I see what you mean. Don’t worry about the tail. Just leave it and start knitting. Keep your stitches close and give the first couple a tug. Even if it’s a little loose when you start, it’ll tighten up on the next round and you can weave your tail in later on.

Thanks Ingrid , i understood now :happydance:

Some people will cross those two sts over each other to help make a tighter join…slip the first st from the right needle onto the left, then lift your first cast-on st OVER the slipped st and onto the right needle. Place your beginning-of-round marker in between those 2 sts and start knitting! I have always had trouble with loose joins, and this works like a charm!

I too have started to learn to knit in the round… I did have troubles with joining but I think I have it now. This way of knitting is fun but challenging.

Hourraa!!! KellyK i did what u said it worked a a charm thanks very much to everybody :wink: