New to Knitting -- help!

Hi all,
I am knitting a scarf – and I am using the “english” method. However, as I knit, my line of work is getting all twisted and wrapping around the needle. Everytime I finish one whole side, I twist the stitching around so that my line of work is all lined up again.

Does anyone know why this happens? Is there a way to prevent it from happening – mid-project – or when starting new projects?

What am I doing wrong? :oops:

thanks so much for your help!!

I’m not sure I understand exactly what is happening but are the stitches on the needle really tight or really loose? That might cause them to twist. Any chance you could post a pic?

If I understand you correctly you mean the stitches on the needle in your right hand…the one the stitches are going onto, right? Mine always twist at first, but the longer the knitting becomes the less they twist. Just straighten them out and not worry about it. If this isn’t the problem then I’m sure someone else can help you out. :wink:

Mine wrap around in the beginning, too.

Mine twists, too. There’s just not much on the needle to stop your right hand from twisting it. Just align it each time you’ve knit a few stitches; after the first 3 or 4 rows, it should start to behave itself :slight_smile: