New to knitting, help!

Hi, I’m quite new to knitting and I’m stuck already :woman_facepalming: Can someone please explain this to me? I thought I knew but I ended up with more than 77 sts at the end :face_with_monocle: tia!

patt 5, p5, p2tog (p3, p2tog) 14 times, p5, patt 5. 77 sts.

Welcome to KH and welcome to knitting!
What is the name of your pattern?
For this row, work 5sts in the pattern stitch then purl 5 and purl the next 2sts together. That should leave you with 11sts on the right hand needle.
Now you come to a repeat, (p3,p2tog). Keep repeating this sequence: p3, p2tog, p3, p2tog, p3, p2tog and so on. Work the repeat 14times total for 56 sts.
Finally purl 5sts then work 5sts in pattern. That’s an additional 10sts. Altogether, 77sts.

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