New to Knitting - help with Pattern


I am very new to knitting - I have made 2 scarves thus far and would like to try this hat.

It seems fairly simple but I have a couple of questions -

  1. can this be worked on circulars and then switch to dpns? I haven’t tried dpns yet, but might as well learn!

  2. why don’t you join the yarn in the beginning? Is there a button hole created with the pattern? That part confuses me!

  3. I haven’t made a hat yet, this sounds confusing -
    [I]Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts. [/I] will the hat be closed at the top by this point?

  1. Yes…or you can do magic loop…Amy has a video about it
  2. Yes probably has to do with the button. Just trust the pattern :slight_smile:
  3. It’s just finishing it off…it will make more sense when you get there.

When you get to the end you leave the last few stitches on the needle, thread a darning or tapestry needle with the tail and pull it through the remaining sts like a drawstring. Closes up the top nicely.