New to knitting - help with a pattern

Hi there, I am new to knitting and trying to follow a pattern to make a simple beanie hat.

Can anyone explain what the following means? (I have 104 stitches.)

Next row (crown shaping): K1 *K3tog, K14 rep from * to last st, K1-92 sts

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you

Hi Jacalyn, you will knit 1 stitch then ,knit 3 together knit 14 sts, knit 3 together knit 14 sts, knit 3 tog k14 and continue like this to the last stitch, knit 1. You should then have 92 sts left on your needles.
when you see an instruction within brackets or commas or whatever is used, you repeat just that bit for as long as instructed.
Hope this helps you and best of luck with your project :slight_smile:

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Most hats have some form of decreasing/shaping for the top of the hat. I use markers when I decrease normally, but I’m not sure how this pattern will be decreasing. Do you have a pattern name and link?

K1,* k3tog (knit three together), k14*, repeat stitches between * to last stitch k1. You should now have 92 stitches.

It will look like this - k1, k3tog, k14, k3tog, k14, k3tog, k14, etc till last stitch k1.

Thank you, Jan. That now makes sense.
Very kind of you for explaining the pattern.

Best wishes, Jacalyn :slight_smile:

The hat turned out really well. Thank you for your help. :blush:

So nicely done! The hat looks great and your knitting is very even and pretty.

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Very nice hat! Looks like a beret. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, any chance I could get more of your expert help?

I am making a pom pom hat (pattern by Erika Knight for John Lewis) and I am a little confused by the use of Patt in the instructions.

Shape Crown
Next row: Patt 4, P3tog, [patt 5, P3tog] x 4, patt 4. 33 sts
Work 2 rows straight in patt as set.

Many thanks, in advance… :slight_smile:

There are a couple of hats including a cable and a knit/purl rib but working in pattern means to continue the pattern you have been working in previous rows.
In this case, you work the pattern stitch, purl 3 sts together and the repeat pattern 5sts, purl 3 tog across the row to the last 4 sts, work those in pattern. The next 2 rows follow the new pattern, probably knitting the knit sts and purling the purls as you see them on the needle.

This is super helpful, thank you.

For clarity, here’s the instructions before I get to Shape Crown:

Row 1 (RS): Sl 1 (knitwise), [K1B, P1] to end of row.
Row 2: Sl 1 (knitwise), [P1, K1B] to last 2 sts, P1, K1.
Rep last 2 rows until work meas 20cm from cast on edge, ending with RS facing for next row.

In this case, what would be considered “working in pattern” for 4 sts?

Would I use Row 1 instructions for the 4 sts, e.g. Sl 1 (knitwise), K1B, P1, K1B?

Thank you again. I really appreciate your help.

Best wishes,

Yes, the next row is a row 1 (a RS row), work the first 4sts of row 1 (slip 1, k1b, p1, k1b), then a purl 3 tog and so on. That’ll leave you with a purl stitch between two knit sts and the pattern will be maintained for the following rows.

Hello! Im hoping you will still get a notification of this despite this being an old thread…

Im knitting the same Erika Knight pattern that Jacalyn mentioned and am at the same stage - just one step further on.

instructions before I get to Shape Crown:

Row 1 (RS): Sl 1 (knitwise), [K1B, P1] to end of row.
Row 2: Sl 1 (knitwise), [P1, K1B] to last 2 sts, P1, K1.
Rep last 2 rows until work meas 20cm from cast on edge, ending with RS facing for next row.

So ive knitted my first decreasing row after the pattern above:

Patt 4, P3tog, (patt5, p3tog)x4, patt 4 (33 stitches) ie slip 1, k1b, p1, k1b p3tog etc

The next line says to work 2 rows in patt as set.SO i am assuming that the next row is same as row 2 of pattern. But this means that i am trying to do a k1b stitch into the p3tog stitch. ie slip 1, p1, k1b, p1, k1b (this is the stitch that goes into the P3tog stitich)…

And im not sure this is right?? When ive tried to do this my stitch seems to unravel - im quite new to knitting so this has meant unravelling my whole piece of work and starting from scratch (its all good practice i guess!)

Please, please help. I cant find anything anywhere about this :confused:

Can you give us the name of this Erika Knight hat pattern please?

Yes it’s the John Lewis Pom Pom hat and headband (I’m doing the hat)